How To Become A Traditional Wife


A traditional wife is a woman who believes she should be the main person who runs the home. This entails cooking the food, keeping the house clean and orderly, caring for children and doing everything that makes the home function. This is very important work even though some may look down on it. If you want to leave a legacy, you leave it in your children and their children. What you do in your home, how you raise your kids, the values you instil and traditions you make can literally be passed down through your generational line because of you! What is bigger than that! Below are several tips on how to become a traditional wife, enjoy!

1. Cooking nutritious meals

Traditional wife prepping food for dinner. Shredded cheese, carrot, cucumber and onion on a cutting board on the kitchen bench.

One of the main responsibilities of a housewife is to plan, pre and cook the meals. To some this may be fun but to others this can be a daunting task. This is the fuel for your family, that will keep them going for the day. Food is special in the sense that it can really make lasting memories. I mean have you heard of grandma’s chicken noodle soup? Was there something your mother or grandma made while you were growing up that makes you smile to this day? Food is important for the health and function of your body but it’s also an amazing way to connect with the ones you love the most. Instead of dreading it have fun exploring different meals and make sure to make the dishes you know everyone will eat as well. Mealtime should be a cherished time of eating, talking and laughing. Food is such a big part of the home, and nothing says I love you more than a home cooked meal.

2. Have A Cleaning Schedule

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Taking care of a house can definitely seem like a lot of work, but if you write it out it quickly becomes a lot easier. I have found just using a simple clear schedule laminated and on my fridge to work great. Every week I clean it up and use a chalk marker to write down whatever needs to get done. You can have it all written out to suit your schedule and time. This way you free up brain space. It’s written for you, and you do the easier things on your busier days and tackle bigger tasks on your clearer days. It’s a lot less stressful doing it this way. Don’t let the schedule run you though it’s there as a guideline to help you keep on top of things, it’s not meant to be stressful!

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Decluttering your home will also help make cleaning easier. Less things means less that needs to be organised, cleaned and taken care of. I have a whole post How to successfully Declutter Your Home with a free printable if you want to check that out as well!

Also remember to delegate. If you have older children, they can help with things around the house like drying dishes, picking up toys, throwing out rubbish, wiping tables ect. Don’t leave all the work for yourself get those little people involved. You’re training them for when they eventually move out one day!

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3. Prep The Night Before

Clean and tidy kitchen

If you want a good tomorrow, you start the night before! One of the ways I ensure a happy mother in the morning is making sure the kitchen is clean the night before. Who wants to wake up in the morning to a dirty kitchen, clean it, cook breakfast and clean again! You will thank yourself in the morning if you leave your kitchen clean at night. Other simple ways to prep the night before is to get the washing machine loaded with clothes ready for washing in the morning. Depending on breakfast in the morning you can get it started at night for example my kids love my Easy Kefir Chocolate Pudding Recipe! Doing little things, the night before help to set you up for a successful day the next day.

4. Create A Positive Home Environment

As mothers and wives, we really can set the mood for everyone’s day! We can’t control how others feel but we can control our own emotions and how we choose to react to things. Have you ever walked into a room and felt you could cut the air with a knife the tension was that thick?! It probably didn’t make you feel very comfortable being there, did it? Or have you walked into a calm quite place and felt instantly relaxed and cheery? Kids and our husbands can feel our energy and moods too and react accordingly. Not every day is going to be great, but if we can do our best to model gratitude and happiness in the little things it will make for a happier more relaxed home life. A few simple things you can do to help with setting the mood in your house is playing relaxing music or fun pop music, diffusing some nice smelling oils and of course keeping a home beautiful and organised really does help too!

5. Raising Children

A big part of a traditional housewife is caring for children. I personally believe this is the most important job you will ever have. Raising kids is extremely rewarding even through its many challenges and difficulties. Their endless love, their pure joy and happiness in the little things, the way they make you slow down and smell a flower. Cherish the moments you have with your children; you’re raising your future legacy. These are little people who have the potential of changing the lives of 10’s 100’s and 1000’s one day. Remember you can never grow wiser yourself if you aren’t put through some challenges in life and your wisdom can help others too. Even though it can be difficult it’s a challenge worth facing and doing.

6. Taking Care Of Your Marriage

Many say the children should come first but I think this is a misconception. If your marriage is not happy and thriving it affects your children’s lives. There are so many burdens on us these days it’s easy to put our marriage to the side and say later when the kids are older we will do … blank! A happy marriage truly makes for a happy life. Make time to connect with your partner.

1.One thing that’s easy to do and makes us feel nice too is to dress up a bit. Put on something nice, brush your hair and looks presentable. Not just for your husband but it really boost the self esteem when we feel pretty and dolled up. Don’t worry if he doesn’t say anything right away they do notice!

2. Find out what his interest are and try to take some interest in them too. Wether its sports and you go to a sports game together. If your partner starts talking to you make eye contact and ask questions. It really shows you are trying and strengthen the marriage. Who knows what that conversation could lead to.

3. Make time for each other, take a bath together, watch a movie together, read books or chat. Remember you married him for a reason try to find that reason again.

They say behind every great man is a great woman. Be that great woman you can definitely be and you will both thrive and grow together.

In Conclusion

Being a traditional wife takes time, training and learning to run a home efficiently. You will acquire new skills and be constantly learning. It is an important job, a rewarding job and a worthwhile adventure. Build your house up and make it a place you love to be in. Fill it with memories, laughter, joy and lots of good food.

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