How To Make A Beautiful Home On A Budget!


Your home should be your sanctuary. It doesn’t have to be expensive to set up a house that serves you and your family well. Creating a beautiful home on a budget is possible! I believe a home should be a place of rest, peaceful, meaningful and free from clutter. Having a reasonably clean house filled with things that you and your family truly love and appreciate can give you such peace.

Life is so busy that your home should be a place of rest. I hope the tips listed below will help you on your way to create a meaningful beautiful home you won’t want to leave!

7 Tips For A Beautiful Home On A Budget

1. Declutter

I’m big on decluttering! It’s so easy to constantly fill your house with things and these things just pile up! If it doesn’t serve you or your family, consider selling or donating it. If you don’t have a spot for it or need it, get rid of it. Reducing clutter and minimizing things makes a space feel more open, clean and inviting. You’re less likely to feel overwhelmed, and there is real peace knowing where everything goes. If everything has a place kids can easily help to pick up as well.

If you don’t have lots of storage space use baskets! Baskets are a beautiful way of adding beauty to a space while also adding some extra storage. I use baskets in the living room for open ended play items for my kids and other kids when they come over. It’s super easy to clean up as each basket holds a specific type of item like train set or Lego and it can all get picked up in 5 minutes!

2. Make it warm and cosy

Make your spaces inviting. After getting rid of excess clutter think about things that would make you happy. Adding layers to a space doesn’t have to cost a lot to make your home beautiful on a budget. For example, for the living room a couple throw pillows to rest on and blanket to cuddle into can really make the space comfortable. Maybe you enjoy reading and would like a beautiful soft light at night and want a table lamp. A soft rug to walk on or lay on might be worth your investment as well! Many things can be purchased 2nd hand at op shops, garage sales or Facebook marketplace so think about what you would like and have a look around.

3. Add colour to your space!

There is such a difference when you start to add colour to your living space. Personally, too much white is stressful as it’s easy to get dirty and see the dirt. Colours make the eyes happy, hide the dirt better and can really lift up the mood. Best thing is it’s not expensive to add colour to your space. You can easily add colour through dried flowers, pillows, paintings, pretty much anything! Have fun playing around with colours in your house. Colours can really set the mood, so think about how you want your house to feel. Do you want calming colours, happy colours, beach feels colours?!

Comfortable living room.

4. Let there be LIGHT!

Something simple and free but so important in the way a house looks and feels is lighting! If you have lots of windows open up the blinds all the way so the natural light can fill your home. Sunlight is better than artificial light so make sure to utilise it to its full potential. If you don’t have a lot of windows having light-coloured walls and lighter curtains can really help lighten up the space. Mirrors in the right spot can really help reflect light as well! This is a very easy way to make a beautiful home one a budget!

5. Add items that bring you joy!

It’s the little touches in a home that truly make it feel like home. The welcoming sign when you walk through the door, the framed pictures of loved ones, beautiful art or meaningful quotes. The constant reminder of what you love, care about and things that make you smile, don’t have to cost a lot but can make a difference in your everyday life. Don’t be afraid to add things into your home that serve you and bring you joy!

6. Add Plants and Flowers

Another simple way to make a beautiful home on a budget is to add plants and flowers. These things delight our senses and really uplift the mood and beauty in the home. The bright colours of flowers and delightful colour of green life can truly bring a lot of joy into the home. If you have a black thumb buy some dried flowers, succulents or even air plants! You can add herbs near a kitchen windowsill, a vase of flowers or green plants in your bathroom or living space to enhance the vibes. They will be a sure eye catcher!

7. Keep it clean!

The simplest way to have a beautiful home on a budget is to keep the space you live in reasonably clean. Having a space free from clutter and organised is the best way to start. How you keep your living space shows and reflects back on your mood. Making a habit of tidying areas up, wiping off dirty handprints from the wall and making your bed can really make a big difference. The idea is to do a little bit often so you are not overwhelmed at any one time and can enjoy your home!

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