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There are just some things every kitchen needs to run smoothly. The kitchen would have to be one of the most used areas in the home. This is where most of the work is done. Having quality items in your kitchen will save you time and money. Having the right tools will get you started in the right path when it comes to preparing and making food for your family. Below I’ll talk a little about quality and why you that matters. Then I will list the kitchen essentials I believe every homemaker should have to cook food from scratch.

I have recommendations for each item that are well priced but don’t lack in quality under each section.

Kitchen essentials every homemaker should have. These kitchen items will make your life easier and are essentials for many cooking tasks.

Why Buying Quality Matters?

I want to start off by saying buy things you can afford! Don’t spend all your weekly money on items that you don’t really need or could have bought a cheaper version of. There are things you can definitely do the cheaper options and some items it’s just worth spending a little more up front that will save you more money in the long run. For example, things I would spend a little more on and buy good quality would be a blender, a stand mixer (only if you want one of those), pans, knives and pressure cooker (if you want one I don’t have one). Those things I’d recommend buying the brand you want knew or in good condition 2nd hand if you can find it.

It’s better to invest a little more in those types of items than to buy something cheap and it breaks within the year and then you just have to go and buy another one. Now let’s get started with some of the kitchen Essentials I think every home should have.

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Kitchen Essentials Homemakers Should Own

Sharp Knives

Sharp Japanese Kitchen knives

Every kitchen needs a good set of sharp knives! Without knives those crunchy vegetables can’t get chopped, thick pieces of meat can’t get sliced and food preparation becomes a lot harder. Knives are essential for majority of meal prepping. There are differences in the types of knives you buy so don’t rush into buying just any old pair.

I read somewhere that there are less accidents in the kitchen when you have sharp knives compared to dull knives. It’s important to care for your knives properly as well so that they last longer.

What To Look For In A Knife Set

  1. You want nice sharp knives, with sharp blades.
  2. Ideally you want knives that are one piece not two. These are less likely to break at the handle.
  3. Make sure it’s made from good quality steel either German or Japanese steel. I personally love and use Japanese steel a lot as it’s lighter and super sharp but German steel is great too!
  4. You want a knife set that has a variety of knives in it. Ideally you want a bread knife, paring knife, santoku knife (my favourite to use), and a chefs knife.
  5. Get a knife set with a good block! Believe me this is important you don’t want your knives banging around in a drawer. You want a block that suits your kitchen. I personally love the magnetic knife blocks. They are flatter and very stylish. Knives don’t fall out and it doesn’t dull your knives with time.

How To Care For You Knives

  1. Hand wash your knives! You don’t want them to be in a dishwasher they can get rusted with time.
  2. Place them in a suitable knife block this will keep them from going blunt or getting damaged.
  3. Don’t use them on stone this can ruin your knives.
  4. Sharpen your knives regularly to keep them well maintained.

For a beautiful, affordable knife set that has everything you need even kitchen scissors and a knife sharpener CLICK HERE!

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are not only practical for so many purposes, but they can also be very beautiful to display. A cutting board is used to obviously cut food, but can be used to place hot dishes on, or even as a serving platter.

There are several options when looking at cutting boards. There are stone, plastic or wood cutting boards to choose from.

Wood cutting boards don’t blunt your knives and have antimicrobial properties. I personally love the way they look as well. I’m not a fan of plastic cutting boards as I don’t like plastic touching my food. Definitely not hot food either as it can leach its chemicals onto your food.

To check out a lovely set of 3 wooden cutting boards with juice grooves CLICK HERE!

What To Look For In A Cutting Board

  1. You want a cutting board that is one solid piece. This will ensure it’s strong and durable.
  2. You don’t really want a cutting board with polish on it since you are going to be using it to cut food.
  3. Look for a cutting board that is the right size for your needs, kitchen space and storage space. I keep mine on display on the counter. Its practical and I like how it looks.
  4. Pick a pretty board that matches your aesthetics. They come in different shapes, sizes and even different tones of brown. Choose one that will enhance the look of your kitchen!

How To Care For Your Cutting Board

  1. Wipe you cutting board down with a cloth after using it for fruit or vegetables. I will only use soap after cutting meat on my wooden cutting boards.
  2. You will need to oil your wooden cutting board or make a wood balm for your cutting board. They are easy to make or buy and keep your cutting board strong and stops the wood from drying out and cracking.

Good Quality Pots And Pans

Homemaking essentials set of 3 cast iron pans

In order to cook food, you are going to need some strong, sturdy pots and pans. Not all pans are made the same! There are the cheap pans that you can buy from your local grocery store that will warp in the heat and there nonstick coating will flake of onto your food. Or there are higher quality products like stainless steel or cast-iron pans.

If you are going to invest in anything in should be sharp knives and good pans. You will be happy that you did!

How To Choose The Right Pan

There are so many varieties and designs out there it can get a little head spinning. So here are a few things to look for when choosing your set.

The cast iron pans are awesome because they can go from the stove top straight into the oven no issues. They are one piece so handles should not break, they are sturdy, nonstick if looked after properly and can last you a lifetime! Well worth getting if you ask me.

  1. Check the weight of the product. You want something you are able to carry and have the space for. Cast iron pans can be on the heavy side so you might want to look at stainless steel options instead.
  2. You want a pan with a thicker base. This is important so your pan doesn’t warp and will heat better.
  3. Do not buy non stick coated pans they just don’t last. If you want non stick you can choose cast iron or enamel topped pans. These are non stick when looked after and can last a lifetime!
  4. Choose pots and pans with handles that are easy to hold and have a good connection to the pot or pan. You don’t want your handle falling off or breaking.

How To Care For Your Pot And Pans

I personally have cast iron pans and stainless-steel pots. I love it this way. The stainless-steel pots are lighter when im making heavy things like soups, and they are easier to clean when making those items as well.

  1. For cast iron pans you do need to season your pan regularly. This just means you put some oil or fat source on a heated pan and rub it around with paper towel, so it absorbs the oil making it nonstick.
  2. You don’t want to leave your cast iron pans sitting in water either, they can get rusty so make sure you dry them after use.
  3. Hand wash your pots and pans do not place them in the dishwasher.

If you are wanting an affordable lovely set of 3 cast iron pans you will love this set HERE!

For a lovely set of durable stainless-steel pots for a good price CLICK HERE!

Kitchen Utensils

Wooden kitchen Utensils

Every homemaker will need kitchen utensils in the kitchen for everyday use. Things like flipping pancakes require a spatula, a ladle for scooping up soup into bowl, and tongs for turning sizzling sausages, or baked chicken wings.

There are a few varieties to choose from, hard plastic (I’d avoid), Silicone (I’m not sure about these), Stainless steel and wooden utensils.

What To Look For When Getting Kitchen Utensils.

I personally wouldn’t use plastic they do melt in high temperatures and that is going into your food. I don’t know much about silicone utensils so that would be a personal preference. They don’t scratch your pans but I do think they aren’t very aesthetically pleasing.

You can’t really go wrong with stainless steel or wooden utensils. These are classics, they can last for a very long time when looked after properly, and they don’t leach any chemicals into your food.

Get ones that have a range of useful items like a ladle, tongs, spatula, whisk, spaghetti server and a slotted spoon is incredibly handy.

How To Care For Your Utensils

For wooden Kitchen utensils they will need to be oiled or you can use a wood balm on them every so often to keep them lasting long and avoid wood from eventually drying out and cracking.

Your wooden utensils should also be handwashed. Stainless steel utensils and silicone ones can be put in the dishwasher.

To have a look at a beautiful, natural, and affordable 10 piece wooden kitchen utensil set CLICK HERE! It has everything you need!

Measuring Cups And Spoons

homemaking essentials stainless steel measuring cups and spoons

A homemaking kitchen essential every home needs a good set of measuring cups and spoons. You can’t really measure ingredients to make homemade baked goodies without them now, can you?

Now after having plastic ones that the numbers rub off on the handle over time, and having pretty enamel ones that have been accidentally broken I will never go past a good stainless-steel set!

This set is cheap and perfect for everyday use. I love that my kids can use these too with no fear of breaking or numbers washing off. These can last a lifetime as well!

To check out this beautiful stainless steel measuring cup and spoon set CLICK HERE!

Rolling Pin

I love my rolling pin. They are handy for rolling out dough for whatever purpose you desire. Wether you are making pie crust or homemade sourdough crackers. This is an essential item in the home. There are so many options and really a rolling pin just comes down to preference.

I wouldn’t choose a plastic one as they can break and you do want something with a bit of weight in it as a rolling pin is to try and make something flatter. You can find nice marble ones or lovely wooden ones. I love my wooden one and I personally love that it has the rotating handles. It helps for smoother rolling.

To check out a really well made rolling pin CLICK HERE!

Pyrex Measuring Cups

A Pyrex measuring cup is not just for measuring food (even though of course you measure food in it!). You can put it in the oven or microwave to melt things, use it like a double boiler for melting chocolate or if you love sourdough mix your ingredients in the larger bowl and your dough let it rise. The larger ones are so useful when measuring larger quantities of things or mixing a larger batch of batter or dough.

I use mine all the time when I’m straining my water kefir to make water kefir soda or milk kefir.

These are strong and durable and would highly recommend having some of these in your homes.

For a lovely set of 3 pyrex glass containers check out THIS LINK!

Immersion Stick Blender Duo

Believe me you want one of these in your kitchen! I absolutely love my immersion blender. I also have a separate electric whisk but will definitely be upgrading to the ones that have both. Immersions blenders are amazing for making silky smooth soup or making homemade mayonnaise. With the changeable stick blender, you can easily swap the head over to a whisk. I love whisking cream, egg whites or any recipe that calls for whisking.

These are small and don’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen and are real time savers. I highly recommend getting one in your kitchen!

If you want to check out an affordable 3 in 1 immersion blender with a whisk and milk frother attachment, CLICK HERE!

Silicone Mats

Homemaking essentials silicone mats

As you can probably tell from the image my silicone mats are well and truly loved. I have had these for years and use them all the time.

These are a great way to replace parchment paper or alumin foil when baking goodies.

I regularly use them to roll dough on and place them in baking trays when cooking things like chicken wings to keep my trays cleaner. The silicon mats are non stick and very easy to clean. I really do believe having this simple, cheap, effective item is essential for every homemakers kitchen.

How To Care For Silicone Baking Mat

Wash them in hot soapy water to remove any fat or sticking pieces. Dry them well and store in the cupboard. Silicone mats can last a very long time if taken care of well!

If you want to check out a lovely set of silicone mats with multiple colours to choose from and of course a good price CLICK HERE!

Dough Whisk And Scraper

If you plan on mixing batter, stirring porridge or making bread this is a must have! It is so much better than trying to use a fork or hands! It is pretty easy to clean and works amazing at mixing dough together. When it’s mixed pretty well, I will finish of a thick dough with my hands.

A scraper is great when manipulating dough, scraping things of a flat surface or for slicing dough. It slices through dough very well and makes it really easy to divide dough into smaller portions. I highly recommend these cheap hardy quality items in your kitchen!

If you want to check out a good quality and affordable set with both these items in it CLICK HERE!


I know there are a few more things every homemaker’s kitchen should have like oven mitts and tea towels but for now I think this list is pretty thorough. I hope you found it helpful when choosing things you want in your kitchen. Let me know in the comments below what else do you think is essential to have in a kitchen?

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