Easy Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and with it the thought of what to get can seem daunting! Maybe your mother or mother in-law has said they don’t want anything. Maybe you just have no ideas at all! Well, I’m here to help you with a definite win. A simple solution to your Mother’s Day gift problem. You can create your own Mother’s Day Gift Basket or Box! The idea of this is to have a few small items all wrapped together beautifully. It’s really quite easy to make and customise. It’s a thoughtful gift any mother is sure to love. So, let’s get started!

Here is a list of Mother's day gift basket ideas. An easy DIY Mother's day gift that can be assembled at home in a box or basket.

Mother’s Day Gift Basket or Box

The first thing you will need is either a basket of some sort or a nice gift box. For either option it’s nice to have some sort of confetti paper at the bottom. This helps hold the items in place and also can help fragile things from breaking. I like to first collect my items and then choose an appropriate size basket or box. If you decide to grab a few small items, you don’t really want a massive box or gift basket to put it in. Or the other way around you want everything to fit in nicely and you want your basket or box to look full.

I do love baskets because they in themselves are a gift too. A nice basket is handy to have to take to the markets, when gardening, collecting eggs or even for decorative purposes.

Choose A Theme

Choosing items for someone can be hard so the easiest way to narrow down your purchases is to have a theme. Think about what the person you are buying for enjoys or might like. Once you have a general theme in mind then buying items becomes a lot easier.

Don’t worry I’ll give you some ideas of themes as well as items that go with that theme.

Pamper Basket

A pamper basket can have a lovely assortment of small items like bath bombs, body scrubs, handcrafted soaps, essential oil perfume bottles, body lotions, loofah, foot scrub, scalp massager and a body mist as a few examples. I wouldn’t necessarily buy all those items, but you can collect a few items that are suitable and present it beautifully as a thoughtful gift.

Gardener Basket

This one can be so fun to curate. You can buy a few packets of seeds from flower seeds to exotic vegetable seeds. You can buy a cute little pot, gardening gloves, gardening calendar, maybe some small gardening equipment like shears and a little spade. Maybe they really love succulents, and you can add a couple of those or a lovely gardening magazine or book! There are so many beautiful ideas and they don’t have to be expensive!

Personal Growth Basket

You can add a lovely journal or dairy. Buy a beautiful pen, colourful pencils, a mindfulness magazine or mindfulness colouring book. Maybe they enjoy puzzles and would love sudoku, crosswords puzzles or an assortment of brain puzzles. You can add an extra touch with a lovely tea blend to go with it when they are sitting down and doing these activities.

Chocolate Galore

Maybe they love chocolate! Here are some ideas of things to include. A lovely assortment of different chocolates, hot chocolate packets, a book on how to make homemade chocolate, supplies to make homemade chocolate. Seriously have fun and see what you can find!

Traditional Basket

This is more your flowers, box of chocolates, maybe bottle of wine and a candle kind of basket. These are the more common assortment but is still personalised with their favourite flowers, chocolates and wine and makes a beautiful gift. A great all rounder basket.

Health and Wellness Gift Basket

You can get a variety of healthy snacks like bliss balls or protein bars. A stainless-steel water bottle, protein shakes and healthy teas. Other nice options include health and wellness magazines, neck pillow and natural skin care products.

Coffee Lovers Basket

It seems almost everyone loves coffees these days why not give the gift of pure joy! Here are some ideas you can include in a basket. Different coffee beans, different types of coffee creamers, coffee scented candle, coffee mug, insulated coffee cup, biscuits to go with coffee. You can include a book or magazine that talks about the origins of coffee and how it’s made. You can include vouchers for a coffee shop as well! Lots of fun options with this one.

As you can see there are lots of different basket ideas and lots of ways to curate a special Mother’s Day gift basket. It doesn’t have to be complicated and can be a lot of fun to do!

Choosing Items For Your Basket

For your basket or Mother’s Day box generally, you will be looking at about 3 to 6 items. You want the items to fit nicely together. I tend to buy either a lot more cheaper items or fewer more expensive items. News agencies tend to have some pretty nice gift items that you can’t find just anywhere. They generally have a nice assortment of magazines, journals, some art supplies, mugs, pens and lots of other random gift items. I’d recommend having a look if you have the chance.

I also really like bargain stores. There are some really nice bargain or cheap stores that sell really lovely items for a good price as well. Have a look at a few stores but at least where I live, we have some pretty decent size bargain shops that are loaded with all kinds of nice things from candles to art supplies, home decor and more!


I hope you found this article helpful and are able to create some lovely Mother’s Day gift baskets for that special mom, grandma or mother-in-law in your life. Let’s take the stress out and create an easy, thoughtful gift that any mother is sure to love. Let me know in the comments what your favourite basket idea is?! Is it one I mentioned or do you have another awesome Mother’s Day gift basket idea?

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