Printable Editable Kitchen Manual

Printable Editable Kitchen Manual



This document has been designed to help keep your kitchen running smoothly. It is an editable document using Canva. It will take you to Canva where you can create a free account if you don’t have one already so you can change colours, font style, add images to recipe cards, you can copy the individual pages and change the size, and make it totally customisable to fit your kitchen needs.

1. In this printable you will fine two cover pages:

  1. The front cover page of the manual you can use if you choose to bind it or place in a folder.
  2. A recipe cover page for your recipe book

2. There are 2 different recipe card styles that can be printed double sided, leaving ample room for extra directions on the back. Once recipe card includes a space for an image the other one has no image space.

3. A beautiful Shopping list that can be laminated and written directly on or printed weekly for your weekly shops.

4. Included is a staple foods list so you can quickly check if your home is stocked with essentials. This will help you with your weekly shopping list. It is customisable so you can change this list to essentials you like to keep in your home. This document can also be laminated or kept safe in a binder.  

5. There is a kitchen conversion guide making it easy to adjust temperatures, weights and more so you no longer have to look up conversions one by one while cooking.

6. A weekly meal plan sheet to get your meals planned out. Making your life simpler if you know what your next meal is going to be. You can laminate and write directly on this page or print a weekly sheet out.

7. A kitchen cleaning guide. The kitchen is probably the most used area in your home so it’s important to keep it clean and functioning. The guide has daily, weekly and monthly kitchen cleaning task to help you keep on top of your kitchen. 

I created this document for all the homemakers, wives and mammas wanting to run their homes more effectively and smoothly. I hope you love this kitchen manual, and it makes your life easier. Happy Homemaking Friends!




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